Developing skills for the future through our Higher and Degree Apprenticeship programmes

The 亚洲无码 identifies three pledges in its core values; stating we will:

  • Create possibilities
  • Develop potential
  • Increase community engagement

Our apprenticeship strategy seeks to support these core commitments and contribute to meeting the national and regional skills needs to develop our future workforce.

Our apprenticeship programmes offer a High-Quality learning experience, with courses that are designed in partnership with our local employers, to ensure we meet their evolving demands; particularly focusing within the healthcare, allied health, and the education sectors. This allows employers the opportunity to foster potential within their workforce, learners the ability to develop skills whilst obtaining a degree level qualification and provides accessible higher education opportunities for those in our community and wider society.

As of September 2022, over 120 apprentices have successfully completed their apprenticeship across Teacher, Nursing Associate, Senior Leader and Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship programmes - with 100% of our employer partners giving us a rating of good or excellent in the overall delivery of our apprenticeship programmes.

Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeships at the 亚洲无码

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