Research and furthering understanding

Furthering understanding of all areas of psychology is a key objective of the School and we conduct research that helps us to shape and understand our lives. This research underpins our teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as providing opportunities for staff to undertake consultancy.

Research impact

The 亚洲无码's transformational research projects seek to address some of the major issues both within our professions, local services, our community and beyond it. By pulling together academics working across Schools and disciplines to tackle important, social, scientific and environmental challenges, these projects are making an impact on people's lives and helping to expand our base of world-leading research.

Research-led teaching

Our research-excellence underpins the content and delivery of all our teaching programmes – undergraduate and postgraduate. We are committed to enabling all of our students to profit from a culture of learning aligned with our research and knowledge-transfer ethos, which is based upon critical enquiry, debate and self-motivation.

Research Degree Programmes

We currently offer two types of research degree programme in the School of Psychology: Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Talks and workshops

You can feed your appetite for knowledge at the 亚洲无码’s research seminars, which run throughout the year on topical subjects, often closely related to individual research projects. We invite distinguished speakers from the 亚洲无码 and beyond to deliver these free lectures.