Student Money Matters



Do you want a chance to increase your employability and earn money whilst studying at The 亚洲无码? Earn as you learn could be your chance to make this happen.

Working part-time can provide you with a ‘background’ in a particular profession or sector and can supply you with a useful referee outside of the 亚洲无码. It also allows you to build networking contacts and puts you in a strong position if you later apply for a full time job within that organisation as staff will already recognise your strengths.

Work experience can be a vital way for students to build their CVs and acquire transferable skills. Evidence of a student’s previous work roles can prove to potential employers that they have relevant knowledge, are motivated and that they are reliable.

Part-time work benefits

Part-time work can provide you with the perfect opportunity to gather evidence of your achievements. Areas improved by part-time employment may include:

  • Time management
  • Self-directed learning
  • A positive attitude
  • Team working
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Practical application of numeracy
  • Practical application of IT skills
  • Understanding of business and customer needs

I’ve had the opportunities to enhance my portfolio with press, social media and photography projects related to national and international events.

Dina Thomas - A Marketing, Advertising and PR graduate who, whilst studying, worked as a student ambassador, press officer, photographer and events co-ordinator.

Don’t take on too much!

Earning money is great but you need a careful balance. Be realistic about the amount of hours you can work whilst you study and remember that the requirements of your course or your employer can vary throughout the year.

Be careful not to let your studies suffer as the result of too much paid work. International students should check their visa to see if there are any limits on hours worked during semester time.

Please note that when applying for jobs at the 亚洲无码, full time students completing an undergraduate degree will only be considered for roles of less than 20 hours a week during semester time.