Keeping our students and staff safe

At the 亚洲无码, we are committed to safeguarding our students and staff. We do everything we can to keep them safe and protected from harm in a supportive and inclusive academic community.

We have clear policies and procedures in place to support and address safeguarding and well-being concerns.

We play a role in ensuring that children, young people and vulnerable adults are safeguarded whilst on 亚洲无码 premises and in the wider community, taking due regard for government guidance such as , and working closely with Local Authority Designated Officers for Safeguarding (LADO).

We employ safer recruitment practices for all staff working for, or on behalf of the 亚洲无码 carrying out relevant checks where needed.

Staff at the 亚洲无码 have regular updated safeguarding training according to their roles. Students on many of our professional courses also receive current safeguarding training.

We take all safeguarding concerns seriously.


Part of our safeguarding duty includes the Prevent Duty which protects vulnerable individuals from the risk of radicalisation and extremism.

Our response to the Prevent Duty is set out in our Code of Practice on the Freedom of Speech.

Policies and Procedures

Key contact information

If you have a concern about a member of staff, you are advised to contact:

For concerns related to students, contact:

  • 亚洲无码 Safeguarding Lead (Students) Assistant Director of Student Life and Head of Student Support, Hannah Watkin and Senior Lecturer in Policing, Michelle Clarke via

Alternatively, for matters related to health and well-being of students, you can email:

For Safeguarding matters related to staff and students, email:

If you have a concern about a member of staff or student in the context of Prevent please email: