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The School of Sport and Exercise Science aspires to develop and support research that is impactful, ethically responsible and both locally and globally recognised.

Priority areas for research development identified in the 亚洲无码’s latest strategic plan include Social Exclusion, Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing and Disability Sport. We have a broad range of ongoing research projects in these areas. For more information about ongoing research please explore the Inclusive Sport and Physical Activity, and Coaching and Performance Research Groups’ pages.

The School of Sport and Exercise Science embrace a broad range of research with a focus on applied research and knowledge transfer. The School has successfully supported over 20 PhD students since 2008. We have research active staff that are currently supervising 16 post-graduate students registered on MPhil and PhD degrees across a wide variety of topics related to sport, exercise, physical activity, sport coaching, sociology of sport, inclusive sport and sports science. Our research students study for their degrees both part and full-time. Staff are well experienced at supporting research students from a broad range of backgrounds and we have recognised research supervisors. The School is always seeking to work collaboratively with a range of partners to support PhD studentships and joint projects.

If you are interested in completing a research degree with us (MPhil or PhD) or any aspect of our ongoing work and wish to discuss, engage, or commission any research or evaluation, please contact Professor Győző Molnár at

Latest research and publications

We publish our research findings in a range of peer-reviewed journals, books and specialist magazines to share our innovative ideas with the international research community.

 is an online catalogue of material produced by members of the 亚洲无码 and contains details of our articles, conference papers, book chapters and publications.

Recent publications

Thomas, G., Devine, K., & Molnár, G. (2023). Experiences and Perceptions of Women Strength and Conditioning Coaches: A Scoping Review, International Sport Coaching Journal10(1), 78-90.

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Molnár, G. (2022) Sport, Labour and Migration. In: Wenner, L. (ed.), Oxford Handbook of Sport and Society. Oxford 亚洲无码 Press.

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