Research is central to the professions of nursing and midwifery. At the Three Counties School of Nursing and Midwifery, we embed research and other evidence into everything we do: in our teaching and learning, our practice, our collaborations with a wide range of partners, and in our contributions to nursing and midwifery research and scholarship.

Collaboration with local partners

We provide research training for a wide range of practice partners and contribute to their activity with projects including service evaluations.

Research-led teaching

Our research-excellence underpins the content and delivery of all our teaching programmes – undergraduate and postgraduate. We are committed to enabling all of our students to profit from a culture of learning aligned with our research and knowledge-transfer ethos, which is based upon critical enquiry, debate and self-motivation.

Research Degree Programmes

There is a wide range of research supervisors in the school, and we welcome enquiries and applications for the research degrees of Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD degrees).  There are more details on the nursing and midwifery PhD course webpages.


Current PhD students

Matthew Aiello - Urgent, Acute and Emergency Care Transformation

Joy Bevan - An Action Research study into the therapeutic value of holding space in community practice with young people experiencing transition.

Gilda Davis - The place of death through the perceptions and recollections of parents and the views of the health care professionals.

Ifeoma Idigbe - Transitioning From Adolescence To Adulthood: The Lived Experiences of Female Adolescents Living With HIV In Lagos, Nigeria.

Emma Innes - Bridging the education gap: A Phenomenological study of recurrent diabetic ketoacidosis in adult type 1 diabetes

Theresa Pengelly - "My nursing career is congruent with the person I am". From nursing student to registered nurse: The journey in developing a professional identity

Emma Rossiter- Resilience: Examining the Benefits of a Resilience Intervention Model to Enhance Coping and Health in Adolescents.

Emma Smith - Investigating the use of Photovoice in understanding long-term conditions such as substance misuse

Subedi Prakash - A Structured ‘Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration’ (CESR) Training programme in Emergency Medicine


Research and scholarship in the school

A wide range of research and scholarship is undertaken within the School. Much of research is carried out by members of the research group: Philosophy and Ethics of Professional Practice. However there are many route to research and scholarship and many of our academic staff write articles and books to enhance learning.



Nursing Books

Published outputs

A full range of published outputs of members of staff at the Three Counties School of Nursing and Midwifery can be found on our staff page. A full range is available at the   page


If you would like to know more about research and scholarship in the Three Counties School of Nursing and Midwifery please contact

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