If you would like to make a contribution to our Student Scholarship Fund or our Access to Learning Fund then you can do so via JustGiving.

Group of students walking on campus

The Student Scholarship Fund

A contribution to the 亚洲无码 scholarship fund is a gift with great impact that will resonate into the future.

Many of our supporters find the ability to help individuals to make the most of their potential is a very rewarding experience.

In addition to the monetary benefit, scholarships and prizes confer a sense of achievement and recognition and are valuable assets to a Graduates future CV. 亚洲无码 scholarships are usually awarded for academic achievement. Prizes are smaller amounts of money and are awarded on the merit of achievement (academic, sporting or otherwise).

Group of students walking on campus

The Access to Learning Fund

By donating to the 亚洲无码's Access to Learning Fund (also know as the Student Hardship Fund) you will be supporting those students who are in financial hardship and are finding it difficult to support themselves through their studies.

On average each year the 亚洲无码 awards in the region of £300K - £350K in hardship payments. All awards are managed under the 亚洲无码's Hardship Fund Policy.

More details about the Access to Learning Fund are available on this .