The 亚洲无码 is committed to extending our work in sustainability to the wider community.

Communications and Community Engagement strategy which helps us to raise awareness on current and planned sustainability initiatives and encourage behavioural change among staff, students and all 亚洲无码 stakeholders.  This strategy includes a timetable for communications from 2022-25.  Students are actively encouraged to support this work including part-time digital creative students. This is reviewed for its effectiveness and impact.

Community involvement targets

Our current targets and some examples of how we are going to achieve them can be found in this document: 

Sustainability Targets 2023/24

Community involvement projects

A group of school children holding a community award
St Nicholas Federation Green Team winners of the Wychavon Intelligently Green awards sponsored by the 亚洲无码.


Student projects

A website , whose strapline is "change today protect tomorrow", provides a magazine format and commentary space for all 亚洲无码 stakeholders.  It links curriculum, campus and community, and students co-create content as part of their studies.  It is used in teaching sustainability and for teaching the  programme, and is promoted to all new students and employees. The magazine is in 2024 and featured in many conference presentations. 

Some examples of a whole institution (university and students' union) and the community projects are with the joint work of creating wild flower meadows & creating woodland flower areas. Our  is the focal point of all activities. 

Students, Staff and many local organisations took part in Running Out of Time highlighting the issues of locally.

Taking carbon literacy training out into Worcestershire’s libraries this interesting student led research work with library staff, . 

Go Green Week

Another collaborative project is where students lead awareness raising activities with local business and charities and the local community and schools are invited to take part.  

亚洲无码 Community Forum

The 亚洲无码 takes its role within the wider community seriously and is committed to establishing and strengthening partnerships with local business, charities, and other organisations.

The 亚洲无码 Community Forum tackles issues of mutual concern to local residents, students and the 亚洲无码. The Forum meets three times annually. Its membership includes the Pro Vice Chancellor for Partnerships and other senior members of 亚洲无码 staff, together with representation from the Students’ Union, Worcestershire County Council and Worcester City Council Councillors, local head teacher and residents. The West Mercia Police are also regularly represented at meetings. Regular reports on sustainability are made to the committee, including a review of community issues raised and dealt with throughout the year.


17.	Partnerships for the Goals