LGBTQ+ people form a vital and essential part of our 亚洲无码 community. We aspire to be a fully inclusive institution where students and staff feel comfortable portraying their identities.


A person, viewed from behind, is wearing a Gay pride hat

In 2022/23 10.66% of our students and 7.8% of our staff identified as LGBTQ+.

The Students' Union hosts an which provides a safe space for anyone who identifies as par of the LGBTQIA+ community.  The network provides support from fellow students and organising social open to everyone (including allies).  

The 亚洲无码 has a LGBTQ+ staff network which offers training to all staff, providing advice and guidance on issues and concerns. The network has introduced an Allies programme; through which staff can declare themselves an Ally and are issued a rainbow coloured lanyard and digital badge for their emails to illustrate they are happy to be approached directly for support and guidance.

Two women are wearing the LGBTQ+ Pride Flag as capes


Stonewall - the 亚洲无码 as a Stonewall Diversity Champion works with Stonewall to promote diversity in the workplace.  Stonewall can be contacted at in relation to gay, lesbian or bisexual queries

Worcestershire Pride - information regarding Worcestershire Pride can be accessed via their

The Gender Trust specialises in supporting those affected with gender identify issues

TransUnite - is a volunteer run not for profit organisation which provides the most up to date resource for UK and online based support groups.  You can find a local group via


Allies Scheme 

four members of staff wearing rainbow lanyards are smiling at the camera

The LGBTQ+ staff network runs a staff “Allies” programme, in which staff can sign up and declare themselves an Ally.

Staff that are members of the Allies Scheme are provided with a rainbow-coloured lanyard to wear, as well as a digital badge for their emails to illustrate they are happy to be approached directly for support or guidance and making it easier for students to identify an Ally. 

The Allies Scheme runs regular coffee mornings and meet-ups on Campus for staff to discuss questions and concerns.

Burnt Lavender

a leaflet for the play 'Burnt Lavender.' The leaflet shows two characters embracing on stage.

'Missing Link Theatre,' based at the 亚洲无码, encapsulates the beauty of queer rebellion. Their shows combine dance theatre with spoken word and live music.

Their latest show, 'Burnt Lavender,'is presented by the Masters in Touring Theatre students, and takes place in the Lavender Club, a cabaret pulsing with physical theatre, lip-synced routines and gut-wrenching confessions. 'Burnt Lavender' was inspired by the clubs and bars of the Pride movement, from Berlin’s notorious Eldorado via Stonewall to the Vauxhall Tavern.  

As a LGBTQ+ theatre collective, 'Missing Link Theatre,' desired to explore lived experience of conversion therapy and the history of the Pride movement. Dazzlingly Dark and unapologetically rebellious, 'Burnt Lavender' is a kaleidoscopic exploration of conversion therapy, love and power. 

The show is touring around the country, including the Edinburgh Fringe, in 2023