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Wouldn't it be nice if we could spend our days working on our music, writing songs, playing guitar, without having to turn everything into a selfie or an Instagram post?

Some artist are amazing at sharing every second of their day with their fanbase, but for those of us who have a hard time doing this, here are some handy apps and tips that you can use to up your engagement without having to be on your phone 24/7.

1.Scheduling Apps.

Having a hard time shooting out a post a day? Not to worry, there are a ton of great scheduling softwares out there that will allow you to make a few post way ahead of time. Each one of them have a few pro's and cons but here are a few of my personal favorites.


Buffer is incredibly easy to use, not just for insta, but for all your socials. If you want something fast and easy, go for Buffer.


Sendible is connected with Canva, one of my faves in online designing to help you create the perfect post looking post. A bit harder to use, but the stats are amazing.


Hootsuite is a gem, it will help you post, see your stats, but the most amazing feature of all is the "search stream" that will allow you to build an online community of followers.

2. Find your group of 5 engagement topics.

We'll get into this some more in the future, but for now, this is basically what it comes down to. Try to find 5 things that are unique about you that you want your followers to know about. Fun little tip, only up to 3 of them can be music related. So for instance, you can pick Songwriting, Performance and Recording to have regular posts about, but the other two have to be something that are also uniquely part of you, but are non music related. So for instance, do you love coffee; talk about trying different brews, do you love traveling; talk about your favorite destinations. This allows you to not only be "just" an artist and it helps you build your brand, it also allows people who would have otherwise never been able to find you still find you and relate to you. What is your list of 5?

3. Hashtag Heaven

So, you made your list of 5 topics to start posting about, now find your group of hashtags that go along with each topic. You are allowed up to 30 hashtags per post so maybe make a list of 40 tags and mix them up, so each post doesn't use the same formula. Also, follow a few of them just so you can see what others are posting and how their engagement compares to yours. If you don't want to spend the time doing this, consider an app like Hashtags or Hashtagify to help you get started!

4. Learn and Grow

Use a tool like Iconosquare to see how your audience responds to your posts and grow with your audience. Iconosquare measures your follower gains and losses and shows your engagement stats on each post. Do you notice people are more engaged when you post a little video of you singing instead of the regular selfies? Add this into your posting routine. Allow your fanbase' interest into your artistry to keep them excited about you and your content.

5. Engage

Last but not least, engage with your fans and followers. Come up with fun and unique ways to repay them for their interest in you. Do you have a CD release come up?? Offer a give-away to every 10th email list subscriber, or everyone who sends you a screenshot of a spotify follow gets a secret download link to a bonus song. Engage and talk with your fans. Make them feel special, because they will be the people who will buy your next CD, come to your show and tell their friends about you.

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