The Artist Elevator Pitch - Tell me about you!!

A few times a week via email, Facebook or any other social network I get a message that says something like this:

"Yo, check out my music, we should cook up in the studio soon"

Since I LOVE artist development, I'm actually always looking for new cool artists to meet - and work with, but a message like that doesn't really get me excited about the idea to work with someone. In the era of social media, where we connect via a computer screen, is there a correct way of reaching out?

What's your elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what you do. Often used to sell a product, the length was never longer than 30 seconds, so pretty much 1 paragraph of introduction. So, instead of assuming that someone is going to click on the link in the message, describe your music. Don't tell me you are unlike something I have ever heard before (trust me, I have heard that one before), but use current references that the reader can relate to. For instance, "If John Mayer and Chance the Rapper had a kid, that would be me." That gives me a reference or songwriting, genre, and a possible cool blend of musical styles.

Tell me about me.

You can send out a group email to a bunch of random emails you found on the internet, but I can guarantee you that the result will be minimal to none. Instead, find some interesting facts about the person you are reaching out to and convince them why your skills and their skills would benefit from each other. And, hey, this is the music industry, who doesn't like a good stroke of their ego? Think of something like, "I love how your beats sound, I think combined with my guitar chops we can make a cool blend together." or "I loved your last record you released, I just wanted to shoot you my music because I think you would really dig it."

Short and sweet.

Our attention spans are short these days, we are all busy, so a short paragraph should be enough, but make sure you included these bullet points:

Who you are.

What you sound like.

What you are looking for from the person you're reaching out to.

Follow Up.

When things get busy, I sometimes forget to respond to emails, so don't take it as an insult if someone doesn't get back to you right away, instead, politely follow up a week or 2 later. Check out the importance of follow up in this super interesting article from fellow blogger Woodpecker.

So, shoot me a message, I do want to know more about you!

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