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As a producer it’s easy to fall in the trap of repeating the tricks that are easy and fast. You know what kick sounds good, you have you one or two favorite piano sounds and you have your go to 808 on speed dial.

However, at some point, when you come out of the stress of finishing the pile of demos that kept you up at night, you realize that a lot sound the same.

When you want to take a minute to creatively explore your sounds make sure you check out these amazing plugins and companies!

1. Atlas - Algonaut

I'm sure when you are in a rush to get a track done you have a folder with favorite drums samples and loops that you always use. You might find yourself reaching for the same 3 or 4 kick and snare samples.

Atlas is an amazing software that allows you to organize all your drums sample and will analyze and categorize each sound. You can create different "maps" based on sound, style or any other category. Once a map is selected, Atlas will instantly generate drumkits. These kits are random and each selection is unique. You can change and edit the individual elements of each kit.

Atlas gives you the ability to grow your productions with what you already have and you'll be surprised at how much fun you'll have in the process.

2. LABS - Spitfire Audio

If you're looking for acoustic based sounds, but you don't have the budget for the Native Instrument Komplete bundle, this is your lucky day!

Spitfire Audio has created this amazing library, with an ever growing bundle of sounds, from Piano, Strings, Dulcimer, Music Box and more. Not only are the sounds of amazing quality, there is also a creative component to it that allows you to change the sounds any way you like. This is perfect for Film and TV projects but it will also make your pop and urban tracks much more interesting.

3. Serato Sample - Serato

With websites as amazing as Splice and Freesounds you have access to multiple musical pieces to create your tracks with.

I have found that it is very easy to just use what you find, but with Serato Sample you can spread the samples over your keyboard, change keys, change order and much more.

It allows you to be more unique and deliver something that doen't accidentally have a sample that people already know.

4. DIVA - U-he

Tired of your synths sounds? DIVA is a class act analog sounding synth plugin with enough parameters to make each one of the 1200 presets sound like a whole new sound.

You won't get tired of this one and it's very easy to use. You don't need to know synthesis to be able to play with this and get great results fast. However, if you do know synthesis you will be pretty satisfied with the options. Between the 5 oscillators and 5 filter models you will be able to make any sounds you're looking for to fit the needs of your tracks.

5. Soundtoys 5 - Soundtoys

It costs a penny, I know, but it will change your perception of how you see sound. I would recommend this to anyone who is starting out and feels they don't have enough sounds. The echo's, Filters, the Effect Rack are only the beginning of what this package can do.

One simple sound can change an unlimited amount of times into something completely new.

This has helped me play with sounds and quickly transform a session that continuously inspires the writers and artists in the room.

What are your new favorite plugins that inspire you?? I would love to hear your suggestions!

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