Artist vs. Burnout.

When you're a starting artist you are not just the songwriter, singer and artist, you often are also the manager, tour manager, social media person, PR person and *insert any other role*. How do you manage all these roles all at once?

I can tell you, it's impossible. I know from experience that when I start my day with administrative work, it's really hard to go right into creative work after that. Since music is my fulltime job I have learned to dedicate blocks of 3 hours for each chore. My average routine looks something like this:

8am - 11am : Email catch up, reach out, conference calls, admin

11am - 2pm: co-write

2pm - 8pm: production

Now, I understand that if you have a job during the day, or if you go to school fulltime, you have very limited time. When the work starts piling up, you don't know where to start anymore so you just leave it sitting there and stop doing anything. All the stress stops you from being creative, and you're so far behind on your socials you wonder what the point is.

Let me help you a little bit!! Sign Up here for a small PDF planner.

I filled in a few options but also gave you a blank one till fill in whatever you feel is useful for you.

Lets start simple. The sheet is divided in 4 blocks. 2 creative blocks and 2 music business related blocks. Spend 20 minutes each day doing one task in one of the blocks.

You'll notice a creativity boost after only one week of following this. Just try it!

If you need tips on optimizing your socials, check out some of these posts on our blog on Social Media and Networking.

Don't stress, you got this,

and PS:

It's ok to take a day off too, sometimes all you need is Netflix and junk food for a day ;)

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