Artist Branding - What does your music look like?

I know from experience that the hardest thing about make music is not making the music, it's figuring out what your music looks like. Pictures, visual art, videos, they are an essential part of getting your music heard and building a fanbase.

In this article I'm giving you a few tips to create that visual brand that your music needs!

Pick your colors.

Don't shoot me for this basic advice, but lets be honest, did you sit down and go through color schemes? When you look at someone's pictures on Instagram we are looking for a constant, and in those 9 little squares we as an audience try to decipher what you are about.

Are you a black and white photo kinda guy, are you a vintage filter kinda girl, are you pastel or bright colors? Pick your colors and your filters that go with that and try to highlight them throughout your profile. Don't let this get to your head, you don't have to orchestrate each picture to a color scheme, just be aware of it. Here is a super handy article that will help you understand and pick your colors.

Pick your font.

Oh yes, so basic, but this is the next step, pick a font that matches your personalty and music, and add this to your "TEXT posts". Do you like posting quotes? Make your own personalized post with your picture and color scheme and your font, if you hate posting, just make a ton in advance so you have it in your backpocket in case you run out of inspiration.

Here is my favorite tool to be consistent. Canva is the online version of photoshop and it will allow you to upload your pics and create a filter/font template so you can be consistent.

Be perfectly imperfect.

If you're anything like me, you hate to take selfies and smile till your face hurts while taking 20 shots that are all equally terrible. *or is this just me??*

The highest likes are always on pictures where people can see your face, but it doesn't have to be perfect. People relate to you being real, believe it or not. People love to see you are just like them, with a crooked smile, with an off day or whatever it is that you feel that day. Be honest and be real, not everything needs to be fixed and made better, we want to see your perfectly imperfect self.

What do you love?

Music is your passion, maybe you sit in your room and make beats 8 hours a day or you rehearse with your band 3 times a week, but what else is there about you? People who don't know you and who stumble upon you via a hashtag or a link might not share your passion for music the way you do, but they might love art, or street photography, running or free-styling. Create a healthy balance of music and life in your social media posts so that you can be relatable to a wider audience.

To video or not to video?

Video clips, a huge source of stress for many artists. Do I need a video clip to promote my song? If you want your video to look like your brand, you will probably have to spend some money on that, editor, videographer, cast, make-up and hair. If you are in the early stages of your career that might be impossible. In my experience it's also not useful. Spend that money on PR or adds. for you socials, and instead, make a home made video where you talk about your song, maybe do an acoustic version. This way you will find people latching on to you personally. Once all these tips have helped build up your fanbase enough, get that video in the works!!

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