5 MUST HAVE apps and websites for the starting artist!

Ok, so you just finished recording your masterpiece and you are ready to "get it out there".

Here are some killer websites and apps that will help you up your social media branding and attract attention from fans and music industry pros!


This website has saved my life so many times! It's an easy to use online design website. You can create your own templates, upload your fotos, and create a consistent look to your brand. It's fast, easy, and always adds new templates to keep updating your look. For logos, CD art, social posts, banners and much more!!

2. Spot on Track

Spot on track get you all the stats for Spotify and Apple Music on one simple page. What playlists are you added on, what spot on the charts are you. A complete directory that breaks it down into charts from each country, you will now see exactly where your music is most played and loved. You'll get a daily update via email so you won't miss a thing!

Don't forget to also sign up for Spotify and Apple Music artist panels.

3. Soundcloud

Yeah, I'm sure you have a Soundcloud profile already, but once you have upgraded to Sound cloud Pro, you can see who is streaming your music. You have a direct access to your listeners while in Spotify and Apple Music you can see where they are streaming from, but you can't connect with your listeners. This gives Soundcloud a unique advantage. If you are just starting out, you can reach out to people and create a core fan group.You can also upload music to keep private and send playlists of unreleased music safely to industry professionals or any one who needs to hear the music without them having a download of your MP3.

4. Trello

How do you keep your manager, tour manager, band members, merch people and PR all on the same page? Use Trello to create easy to follow task lists for rehearsals, shows, etc.

Even if you don't have all your team members yet, it will help you communicate with your band and set expectations without having to send annoying text messages with reminders to everyone. Trello will do it for you!

5.Social media apps.

We covered this topic at length in THIS BLOG post. Here you will find all the information on how to not spend too much time on your social media by combining them all into one easy to use app that will shoot all your info out to all your socials. It's gonna safe you a ton of time and trouble. So, check it out!!

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